Safe Families for Children was founded in 2002 by LYDIA Home Association, a Chicago-based Christian social service agency. Safe Families for Children has partnered with the local church to grow to a network of over 11,000 volunteers, which includes 2100 Host Families. This network of volunteers has been able to provide at least 8600 placements since the beginning of the program.
Safe Families for Children is active in over 25 states throughout the U.S. It has also become a global movement with new sites in Canada and the UK. Safe Families partners with host agencies, local churches, ministries, as well as community and government agencies to intervene in the lives of children and families that would otherwise be forgotten.
Safe Families for Children-Wisconsin began in the winter of 2014. It was established in partnership with Children’s World Impact (CWI), a local 501(c)(3) whose mission is to care for orphans and widows and to make a significant impact on the lives of the neglected. CWI recognized the need for a local impact, and thus Safe Families for Children-Wisconsin was born, serving the needs of families in crisis in the southern Wisconsin area.