Families helping families


Our Mission

The mission of Safe Families Wisconsin is to protect children from potential neglect or abuse arising from a crisis, by providing them with a safe, stable, temporary home and reuniting the family as quickly as possible when the crisis is resolved.

How Safe Families Works

Families in need may be referred to us by schools, hospitals, social workers, churches, law enforcement, or other community agencies. Our staff helps parents arrange for the services needed. For some, that may be hosting and we coordinate for their children to stay with a pre-screened, trained, and approved host family until the critical issues have been resolved. The program is voluntary and parents pay nothing for the service. They also retain all their parental rights. In fact, they are encouraged to build a relationship with the host family and to remain active in every aspect of their children’s lives.
The Host Family who accepts the child into their home receives no remuneration for doing so. When parents take advantage of this service, they know that the approved Host Family is motivated by compassion, not financial gain. They can feel secure in the knowledge that the Host Family is providing a safe and nurturing temporary home and that their motivation is compassion, not financial gain.
Other services include connecting families to “Family Friends,” families that can offer hot meals, babysitting, transportation help, and really give families a connection in the community.
Safe Families for Children and the referral source work with the parents to determine how quickly the family can be reunited and help resolve the problems that created the crisis. When it’s possible, children stay with families in their own communities. We are about family preservation and empowering parents through all of our services.